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Teeth Bleaching

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Teeth Bleaching

A smile is never complete without a sparkling look. A smile with pale, discoloured teeth does not make a memorable impression at any event or gathering. Teeth whitening, or teeth bleaching treatment, can make your smile gorgeous. This treatment helps to get rid of minor to deep stains on teeth.

Reasons for tooth discolouration?

Other causes of tooth discolouration include ageing and too much intake of tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. If you are already experiencing discolouration speak to your dentist about whitening options at ARCUS, most trusted teeth bleaching clinic in kphb.

Types of whitening or bleaching treatmenets

These are the possible treatments for tooth discolouration

In-office teeth whitening: This procedure is usually done at the clinic in one sitting, and the results are dramatic.

Teeth whitening with trays and gel: This is an in-house treatment procedure where the desired result takes longer. Bleaching trays are provided along with bleaching agents to patients, which are worn at night. The ARCUS dental clinic uses top-quality bleaching agents to perform this treatment.

How to prevent tooth discolouration?

There are a few tips to prevent the risk of tooth discolouration such as brushing twice daily, flossing once a day, limiting the intake of foods that tend to stain teeth, rinsing the mouth after consuming beverages, quitting smoking, and visiting the dentist for a regular examination.

While you cannot prevent stains caused by trauma or medication. Converse with an experienced cosmetic dentist for teeth bleaching treatment in kphb for suitable options.

If you desire to undergo a pocket-friendly teeth bleaching treatment, visit the ARCUS Teeth Whitening Clinic in kphb to get the best service.

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