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Child Dentistry

Child Dentistry Clinic in KPHB

Child Dentistry

ARCUS believes dental care for children should start early to help them maintain healthy oral habits. But taking children to dental checkups was never easy for parents/guardians.

We offer a warm, friendly atmosphere that will keep your little one excited about visiting ARCUS, the best children’s dentist in kphb.

Benefits of consulting a paediatric dentist

What are the frequent dental problems in children?

Common dental problems in kids are:

Children dental treatment offered by arcus dental clinic

Preventive dental care

It includes cleaning and fluoride treatment to avoid decay problems. This treatment is recommended for both milk and permanent teeth.

Orthodontic care

The main objective of orthodontic care for children is to create a healthy bite. This includes both jaw positioning and tooth alignment. Not all orthodontic problems need immediate correction or braces. Consult an orthodontist at the right time for a timely evaluation.

Dental cavities

It is important to take care of milk teeth in children, as they are more susceptible to dental plaque and decay.

For any concerns relating to the growth of the jaw, correcting a sucking habit, tooth alignment, a regular dental checkup, or any underlying dental problem, consult the dental team of experts at ARCUS Children’s dentist in kphb.

ARCUS dental clinic is specialized in offering general checkup to complex treatment to infants, toddlers, and teens. Book an appointment with our paediatric dentist in kphb and avail the best service you deserve.

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