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Tooth Coloured Fillings And Pit And Fissure Sealants

Pits and Fissures are areas that trap food particles easily, making them prone to cavities over time. Molar and premolar teeth are the most vulnerable areas for cavities to develop. They are often difficult to brush and clean properly, making them more susceptible to caries.

Pit and Fissure sealant acts as a physical barrier that helps prevent food particles, bacteria, and plaque from settling in hard-to-reach areas.

What Is The Procedure For Sealants Application?

Sealants are usually made of tooth-coloured resin material to give a natural look and are absolutely painless. Steps in sealant application involve:

To Whom Are Pit And Fissure Sealants Recommended?

Pit and Fissure sealant is recommended for people who have developed cavities, a high risk of developing caries, and Medical, Physical, or Intellectual disabilities mostly when systemic health is jeopardized by dental problems. Sealants prevent further tooth decay. It is commonly placed on children, adolescents, and young adult’s chewing surfaces, newly erupted teeth, and recently started carious lesions. They are also beneficial for adults who have deep grooves on their molars that are difficult to clean.

What Are The Contradictions For Sealant Application?

If you are considering sealants, consult your dentist to determine whether they are appropriate for your situation and discuss any potential contradictions that may apply to you.

What Are The Tooth Filling Materials?

Modern dentistry uses several kinds of materials for tooth fillings.

The choice of filling depends on the location of the filling, oral health, size of the cavity, and the dentist’s recommendation.

Modern Dentistry uses high strength tooth coloured materials.

Arrest cavity progression with sealants at ARCUS, a teeth gap filling clinic in kphb. Among the array of services provided at ARCUS Dental Clinic, our skilled dentists are specialised in tooth-coloured fillings, covering tooth gaps, and applying sealants.

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