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Tooth Extraction

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the removal of teeth from their sockets in cases of cracks, decay, or damage beyond repair. Dentists sometimes recommend tooth extraction for someone undergoing braces treatment.

When would you need tooth extraction?

Reasons for tooth extraction are:

Procedure for removing tooth at Arcus

Simple extraction

This procedure is done on teeth that have fully erupted and are totally visible. Simple elevation of the tooth with anaesthesia is sufficient for tooth removal.

Surgical extraction

This procedure is required on teeth that are partially visible or sometimes in more complex cases. Often, an incision is required to gain access to the tooth before removing it. Cutting of the bone and suturing may be required in some cases. Healing time is longer in this procedure compared to simple extraction.

If you are experiencing painful teeth and are thinking about tooth extraction, contact the ARCUS tooth extraction clinic in kphb for pain-free service.

Are there any potential complications after tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a standard procedure for any experienced dentist, but it might lead to unfortunate complications sometimes.


A bacterial or fungal infection can be caused after tooth extraction.

Dry socket

It is a dental condition after tooth extraction where blood clot is not formed and bone is open to the oral environment.

Before having a tooth pulled, discuss your medical history and the medications you take with your dentist. Schedule an appointment with ARCUS, a tooth removal clinic in kphb for tooth extraction and other dental procedures.

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